This past week has been a bit crazy with a whirlwind of emotions. I’ll make it short because I’m exhausted. So, I finished from four consecutive night shifts, which went well. However, I did not fix my routine nor did I use my time wisely thereafter. I ended up taking two days of sick leave because I was feeling awful. And then, last minute, I took on two extra shifts for extra cash.

Essentially, things went quite quickly. In the midst of all that, I’d been forced to inform certain work colleagues about my financial situation due to circumstance. Essentially, I really needed an extra shift, hence informed them of my circumstances. It was vulnerable, I guess. And, in the back of my mind, I don’t want their opinion of me to change. But, at the end of the day, it was necessary to indulge that information in order to get what I wanted – the extra shift! Hopefully it works out – it still may not work out.

In addition to vulnerability, I do feel slightly organised. I have various things on my mind including: sorting through emails, launching a non-profit and preparing a presentation for Thursday (as well as going through my planner and random to do lists on my phone). I think I definitely need an organisational session in a coffee shop.

I think with the additional shifts (i.e. no time to think) + vulnerability + poor organisation (and lack of sleep!), I feel a bit messy.

OK, time to sleep!

Peace x


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