City Life

It’s crazy. Life’s crazy. It’s just crazy.

I’m sitting here in downtown Toronto with my little brother; he’s watching Friends and I thought I’d get blogging. Isn’ that just crazy? To be honest, it really is not. However, considering my childhood, all this seems unimaginable. I always had aspirations and knew I’d work hard for my goals, but certain obstacles in life – from people to poverty – really made it difficult for me to imagine a life like this. A life of social and economic privilege. A life of independence and freedom. A beautiful life. It was unfortunate that we were racially [and probably religious] profiled at the airport. It sickens me, to be honest. I really hoped that we’d be equipped with some white privilege sometimes, but hey ho, that’s life and I’m going to empower myself and transcend these emotions.

Anyway, it’s the end of day 2 in Toronto and it’s been great so far – eaten a lot of food and consumed a lot of coffee! Today we visited Banh Mi Guys for lunch and Jimmy’s Coffee for a nice coffee-break. It was really enjoyable and I loved being able to show my little brother the contrasts between Western Europe and North American that I saw when I visited California. I also prefer it to the cities I visited in California in some regards, as social ills, such as homelessness, are less significant [TBC]


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